Full-time and full speed ahead!

The AIR team is excited to announce that Kevin Cedrone is now working on the AIR device full time. Until now, AIR has been a passion project and part-time effort for its team members. With the generous support of the Saving lives at Birth Partners (USAID, BMGF, KOICA, DFID, Norwegian Government and GCC), the team now has the resources to validate and deploy AIR more quickly and widely than previously planned.

Kevin will be responsible for business development, technical development and Research and Development (R&D). Under the guidance of experienced clinical practitioners, Kevin will also assist in conducting randomized controlled trials of the AIR device in Uganda and Boston.

Before his full time job on AIR, Kevin was an R&D Engineer at Formlabs, a 3D printing company in Somerville, MA. His team worked on better, stronger, faster and more accessible 3D printing. He brings considerable experience in material, mechanical, electrical, optical and software development.

On his recent career change, Kevin says, “I have been working on the AIR device part-time since the original hackathon back in 2012. I am thrilled to be joining full time. We have a very compelling solution to improve ventilation training. I’m looking forward to helping accelerate its deployment!”